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"There used to be a time when we did not think that we needed a running coach because we 'knew how to run' and we thought 'how hard can it be'. We "ran" the NYC Marathon 3 times before meeting Nic. Typically, the 'running' would take us almost 6 hours. We would start running/walking around mile 15 (Yes, Queensborough bridge, I am looking at you) and then completely walking around miles 22- 26, with a light jog for the final 0.2.

Training with Nic for the NYC Marathon #4 made all the difference in the world and we were both able to RUN it under 5 hours! Nic provided the support and guidance that we needed. She helped us navigate all of the aspects of training and preparation like challenging but doable running plans, appropriate shoe sizes (apparently I didn't even know my shoe size), and complete race day strategy. We always looked forward to our running session even if it meant crawling out of bed when it was raining and still dark out. There is no way we would be able to run the NYC Marathon under 5 hours without Nic! We would highly recommend training with Nic".

-Tanya & Matt

"Coach Nic is an exceptional running coach who has greatly improved my running abilities. With her guidance, I have learned how to run faster and smarter, while also ensuring that my shoulders stay down. She has a knack for teaching runners the importance of proper form and technique, including the humorous reminder to keep my "shoulders down" - because apparently, my shoulders have a tendency to wander off on their own!

In addition to teaching me about running technique, Nic also emphasizes the importance of stretching before and after our runs. She has taught me various stretches that help prevent injuries and improve flexibility, allowing me to perform at my best. 

Thanks to Nic's expertise and coaching, I have seen significant progress in my running performance. I highly recommend Nic to anyone looking to improve their running skills", 


“I completed my 1st marathon (Chicago Marathon) thanks to Nic!!!! Best decision I ever made was having her as my coach and I couldn’t have done it without her. Nic listened and challenged me throughout this 16 week program. In training, I always wanted to know the reason behind every workout and Nic was very good at explaining it to me and it clearly showed the amount of knowledge and expertise she has about running. I originally wanted to finish in 4:30 but finished it at 4:20!!!! Nic was very attentive and showed that she cared which to me is so important in a coach! I feel like a much better runner and my passion for running grew after this! I could go on forever about how great of a coach she is! Thank you, Nic, for being a part of such an amazing journey. I can’t wait to start training for the next marathon! 


Ps: My husband said the other day “your form has gotten so much better! I like Nic!” I couldn’t agree more :)“



"I never thought I needed a run coach until I met Nic. Now I never want to train for another race without her. She is incredibly detail-oriented and devoted to her runners. She continually designed and adapted a program for my specific goal of running my first half marathon. She helped push me well-beyond what I ever thought I could accomplish. She is inspiring and genuine and I am honored to be one of her athletes".



"The support that Nic gave throughout the program not only helped me to progress as a runner - reducing my time and enhancing my technique - but also (and perhaps more importantly) building up my confidence as a runner and pushing me to achieve goals I never thought I could meet. The structure of the training plans helped to achieve small wins each and every week, ultimately ensuring I always felt 100% ready for race day".


"Thanks to Coach Nic, I had a lot of fun training for my first half marathon and completing the race with a better result than I expected! Nic put together an amazing program and was always available to answer any questions".


"During the pandemic, I joined three separate half marathon training plans with Coach Nic and the other coaches because I enjoyed them so much. All coaches were informative, knowledgeable, and  approachable. I had been aiming for a sub-2 hour half marathon for years and I am happy to report that I finally achieved that goal in April 2021 as direct result of the coaching I received. Nic (and Stacy) spent the time to tailor the general program to each participant based on their goals and needs. I would highly recommend Coach Nic to anyone from beginners looking to complete their first race to advanced runners looking to get faster". 


"I’ve always loved running, but as an adult I’d fallen out of a routine. The hardest part for me was signing up for the group training itself, and I’m so glad I did it with Coach Nic & Fleet Feet Hoboken! Nic and all of the coaches, group members, and group training structure kept me motivated, accountable, and proud to start running again! I’ve done a few half marathon programs and am very grateful to Coach Nic & the coaches for helping make each experience a worthwhile and memorable one"!



 "There's something about having a coach tell me it's time to run hills or speed intervals that compels me to be more consistent than going it alone. The wisdom of a coach in terms of setting goals, nutrition, recovery, injury prevention is an invaluable resource. Today, I am a fitter, faster, and happier runner as a result of consistency and the guidance of good coaching".


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